R.D. 2007R.D. 2007
R 2,430.00
R 2,430.00


Deep, incandescent gold. An unfolding complexity, a sense of time passed. Rich notes of autolysis, buttered toast, brioche and roasted nuts joins ripe pears, gingerbread, nutmeg and honey. Radiant and lithe, exotic notes of pickled lemon and Moroccan spice, honey-bush tea and sun-warmed hay. On the palate, a tug between citrus purity and time-hewn butterscotch, crystallised and dense, a gravitational pull between youth and maturity with dried apples and pears, hazelnuts, almonds; a saline sapidity thrumming right through. The richness tempered by an inherent freshness and elegance, a hallmark of the 2007 vintage. Pair with dry-aged T-bone steak with a piquant salsa verde.

Alcohol: 12% by vol

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