Rosé Cuvée Brut, 2019Rosé Cuvée Brut, 2019
R 1,092.00
R 1,092.00


Gossamer pink, silvered and shifting. Haunting aromatics of frais de bois, wild yet chaste, the strawberry edged in papaya pip spice. Ethereal notes of rosewater skate along denser tones of crushed orange peel, the verdant oil spritzy and full of life. Pinot noir led, the terroir is vividly sketched on the palate, sun-baked stones, the perfect ripeness of gentle summer, strawberries, white peach, tangy cranberry freshness. The acids are lemony and soft, light and buoyant. A deeper tug into fresh cream, a layered mouth-coating mousse, finishing with lingering notes of toasted hazelnuts. 

Alcohol: 11.49% by vol

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